Thursday, January 5, 2017

Coffee Talk

I love coffee. Like, really love it. A lot. And all the things that go with it. The right mug (see yesterday's post), blend, accessories, and environment. It's one of those simple affordable pleasures that goes along with all the things I love. Morning quiet time. Getting together with friends. Painting. There is something about the making process, the brewing, the smell, the anticipation of the fresh pot that sets the stage. It says, Universe, watch out, we are about to embark on something good.

Today, a Thursday, I have said coffee in hand, and I am about to embark on something good. It is my Thursday paint group, all of us somehow getting there despite the snow and icy weather, a chain of enthusiastic pioneer type emails last night zipping through the ether. We will not miss it. The dedication is palpable. Updates on who's driveway is plowed, who has what supplies they can lend, who is stranded on the hill (that would be me) and who will drive half way up to meet me. There's talk of an art sherpa. Ha!

But back to coffee. The paint group email reminds us to bring a mug today because we're gathering in a new location, the regular studio is occupied. There will be fresh coffee but we need to bring our own  mug. Check. And we will gather round that pot, laughing, catching up about our holidays, first day of class in 2017,  knowing we are about to embark on something very good. xo

"Ann-Britt's Coffee" 8x10" Sold

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