Sunday, March 20, 2016

Coffee Talk

I long for coffee talk. I am missing people. My people. My friends in other cities, my family in other countries. We are geographically far apart these days. Profoundly, my beloved cousin, injured a few days ago in a horrible freak accident, now by himself in a hospital bed in Sidney, Australia with no family around him. I long to zap myself there and be by his side. I'm no doctor, can barely tolerate a head cold. But I can laugh and humor him and remind him of his roots and the goodness of two cups of coffee and family love. I am so worried and scared for him so I do what I know I can do. I text. Call. Pray. Talk to his immediate family. I'm not in a position to fly to Australia to hold his hand. But I can send out prayers, love and healing thoughts because he has to get better. I so badly want to pour two cups of coffee for us and shoot the shit and laugh and tease each other and speak our funny childhood language that has spanned the years.
You are loved. Coffee's on.

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