Friday, February 5, 2016

Le Jardin

Enough about life philosophy and chocolate and showing up and when the going gets tough the tough get….ugh…enough already! How about pretty things on a rusty table? Ok. Yes, that's the topic today. Lovely things arranged together that make me happy. That is enough today.

This piece was composed in a painting class last week where our wonderful teacher had a still life on a table as an option for students to paint. What I love about her class is the option element. One table, a variety of flowers in vases, fruit in bowls and a tablecloth artfully draped over the edges and not one of us completed anything remotely close to each other or the objects we were painting. That is true art to me. There is a comfort and nurturing spirit with this group of women, a built in no compete clause, where everyone wins just by showing up. We cheer each other on. We respect the silence. We gab. We eat. We listen to music. We do not criticize. Ever. It is a lesson I can learn myself. I can be as nice to to me as this group of women is to each other. We are lovely things arranged together and that makes me very happy. xo

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