Monday, July 6, 2015

Spine Language

I adore books. And reading. And bookstores. And writing. And all varieties of book related geeky things. Books have always been my anchor that keeps me in place, that reminds me of who I am. I collect books and favorite authors and feel like I know them, like we could be friends, right? I remember seeing Oprah interviewing a well known writer and she disclosed that after all these  years of interviewing celebrities, it was the writers that made her nervous and giddy. I can relate! They are the true rock stars of artistic expression.

Today, an ode to just a snippet of books I loved growing up. The ones that if I close my eyes, memories flood over me and I'm right where I was on that  sunny summer afternoon reading and getting lost. Hanging on to that anchor. xo

"Spine Language" 9x12" available at ElizabethW Carmel (email for info)

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