Wednesday, June 10, 2015


There are days when my I can't believe how good my job is. Or I should say, how brave blind unknowing naive excited scared I was to jump off the self-employed ledge and say, Whhheeeeeeeeeeeee and realize that today, one more day, the parachute did indeed open. The landing is messy and I'm not winning any awards for dismount, but when my dear friends have a new baby and they want to commission a piece for the baby's room, I say, push me out of that plane, I'm jumping!

And that is why I love my job today. Because I can create something meaningful and long-lasting for people, in this case, friends, that has nostalgia and sweetness that they will look at every day. Art was important to me as a child. I had lots of it on my walls. Weird stuff. Cool stuff. Things my parents had probably bought at garage sales or church bazaars. Pieces that meaning and I knew they had meaning, even then. Maybe not monetary value, but significant in their stories they held. The remember when we bought that from a store in Toronto the time Nana Kay was visiting?

I'm going to visit these friends next month to meet this little baby, adorable new munchkin and can not wait to sit in her room and be part of her history in the making. xo

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