Sunday, June 14, 2015


When I was in grade seven, a kid in my class, the other aspiring writer-poet-artist-good speller, Travis O'Brien, announced that his two favorite words were geranium and linoleum. This is apropos to absolutely nothing other than that memory hit me like the brick pot this is planted in when I wrote the blog title. Geranium. He said it with such confidence, as if he had been mulling over this favorite word idea for weeks. Linoleum. It does have a nice ring. He also had a shout out for the word onomatopoeia. Show off.

I am writing more these days, a little blog, a little personal, and the more I write, the more these random perfect memories pop into my head, the perfect nothing-ness they used to be but when recalled, are little patchwork pieces that make our quilt. Personal lesson of the day, writing begets more writing, painting creates more painting, practice makes…imperfectly perfect?

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