Monday, May 25, 2015

Sea View

Girls on boats.  With a pet goose. That's what called me when the inspiration hotline rang, I picked up, and this is what you get. Nostalgia from growing up on the water, specifically on 2771 Sea View, my grandparents beloved home across from RVYC, and the simplicity of a small one sail boat. The boat I wished my Flying Junior was, the unpretty clunky learners permit of a boat, this is the improved fantasy version. When I started painting, I had no idea that the common thread in my pieces would be nostalgia, sentimental memories, snippets of sweet spots of real life today. I didn't have a vision or a purpose other than I loved to create, loved painting as a medium to express myself, but other than that this stream of creative consciousness is 100% divine inspiration. (Note: the divine inspiration plays hooky when I am not physically present. Big ol' no show. Just saying. Got to show up first.)  I would not have planned it this way. I did not wake up thinking, that's it, I'll make a career out of girls and geese and boats and cakes and fancy parlors. But instead, I just listened, present tense, I listen still, to the little voice that says what makes you happy? What feels good today? What needs to be plugged in to make you feel excited? And that's the beginning of every single painting, card, blog post…what feels good for no reason at all? And the louder the no reason at all is, the more I know I've hit a vein of gold. xo


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  2. How I remember that boat, that road, that view. Reminded of you today too. Hi!
    - Jeremy