Wednesday, April 1, 2015


It's April 1st. Spring is here. It feels fresh and yellow even though today it poured, hailed, was hot, cold, windy and rainbowy. I'm under a little deadline right now (see yesterday's "Go Deadline!" post) and it's encouraged me to paint what I know, paint what I see, what's right in front of me. And guess what? I love hand picking my still life scenes! So much fun to revisit my cupboards with eclectic tea canisters that I can't part with, cookies and candy with great packaging, vintage trinkets, tea cups and more. It's been a trip down memory lane today, pulling fun things, putting them together, photographing and…painting. Today is "Limoncello". Inspired by the most amazing turmeric colored tea service my parents gave me years ago, a jar of Queen's Guard tea that has, possibly best package design I've ever seen, and an unopened jar of Italian sweets, Limoncello lemon drops. The abundance of the unexamined cupboard!

"Limoncello" 8x10" Available at ElizabethW SFO location.

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