Saturday, March 21, 2015

I❤️SF (the sequel)

This is yesterday's companion piece to I❤️SF. I used to have some resistance to painting the same subject multiple times, as if each painting had to be original thoughts, a fresh idea, ripped from the headlines, Never Before Seen! And then I realized that is total crap and every artist repeats themselves and not only is it normal but it is good and necessary to find your voice. What a relief. I love looking at artist's portfolios either on their websites or books or Pinterest and see, with a nod of recognition, that we all repeat our stories. It's our language of expression, our own personal dictionary of icons. Mine happens to be fancy parlors, chairs, bikes, sailboats, chandeliers, typewriters, eclectic vintage finds, quirky animals and words and quotes. And color! I love my dictionary. It feels like going home when I'm not sure how to express myself. It's a safe and comforting place to revisit if I need to reconnect.

With that in mind, this red bike will most likely be joined by it's sister fleet in the days to come. And if could add an audio to this post, it would be the chime of me ringing my beach cruiser bell. xo

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