Sunday, March 22, 2015


It's raining today. Or promising to. Or it just has. But it's definitely gloomy and dark and misty and foggy and I love it. It's an inside kind of day where there is no guilt that maybe only an artist or writer feels when they are not playing in the park or running 50 miles or hiking a hill or whatever those athletic fresh faced people do when the sun is out and spring has sprung. Today I paint and write and it's an inside job and I'm all the way on board. And like a universal cherry on top, it's a Sunday, the permission slip of all permission slips to lounge between easel, lap top and kitchen (snacking tea making cat patting a critical juncture of aforementioned activities.) Today I explore. In Hunters boots and puddles other people are jumping in and that's ok with me. I'll explore from my imagination and memory and see what kind of adventure I can get myself into. Happy Sunday. xo

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