Thursday, January 1, 2015

Toasty Love

This is Toast. He is a bundle of adorableness that is also my last painting of 2014 and a very joyful commission I completed in the 11th hour or 12th if that is possible. He makes me happy and when I say he, I mean, him, the painting, the love that went behind the request for commission, the couple who received and loved it, the works. This is when the doubts and fears and um, really, Robert Frost, the road less taken has a lot less certainty on it moments, fade away and I have some peace knowing that I am in the right place at the right time.

I made some bold proclamations in 2014, some out loud, many quiet, and lots came true. Some didn't and that's ok. Part of this creative journey is not beating myself up for the woulda and the coulda. I did my best, I definitely showed up and I will wrap this deep thought up before Jack Handey arrives.

Takeaway from Toasty Love and 2014? Say yes. Show up. Be kind. Say yes to all the weird unexpected fun but I'm too tired things. Show up for inspiration and for dedication. The work gets done on the tired days. Trust me. Be kind. No explanation required but kindness and generosity of spirit make all the rest feel like toasty love.

Happy New Year's. I am loving 2015 already. xo

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