Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Furever Friend

So yesterday was the first day of December and it both alarmed and inspired me. December already? It's like the Friday of the month long calendar. Everyone kind of takes it off, slows down, has an excuse, saves it for Monday, or January, and I had this moment where I thought, I don't want this month to melt away. And because of that, I'm putting it down on paper, committing in the blog world that I'm writing every day here, even a little bitty snippet, but something. Writing and painting have long gone hand in hand and seem to bounce off each other when one is lagging, the other finishes the race. Or at least takes a leisurely stroll around the track….so hello writing, the baton has been passed to you. Run.

Committing to doing something every day or completing a certain amount of projects, like how I started my 100 paintings project, has great power in my life. My experience is that I have no clue what my end goal is but the commitment to show up somehow leads the way, lighting just enough path for me to show up again. When I started doing 100 Paintings I had no idea that many of those images would end up as greeting cards or that the project as a whole would transform itself into a company. Or that my weekend artist self would end up making a career out of it. That's crazy talk!

No rules or regs for December writing, just showing up, posting, hopefully a new painting can accompany it but that would mean 30 new paintings and that is crazy talk, my friends. But we'll see. Above is a new guy, "Furever Friend", one of many tartan pup portraits I've done this past month. (And yes, it was my generation to experience "The Preppy Handbook" the first time around when it was not ironic.) Lots more plaid to come!

"Furever Friend" 12x18", framed, available at ElizabethW in Carmel-by-the-Sea 831.626.3892

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