Sunday, December 7, 2014

Forever Young

Promise. Last of the plaid dogs. This is Crumpet, a loose interpretation of my grandparents Old English sheep dog they got when I was a small child. My childhood dog as it were. Crumpet is the dog, the family pet, that lives on in legends, naughty behavior, hilarious antics, family stories, remember whens and can you believes. I think we all have one of those in our history and mine is dear old sweet Crumpet. Just looking at this painting makes me laugh out loud because somehow I nailed his personality, his dopy smile and constantly dirty chin even moments after a bath. He happily went through the world in rose colored, or in his case, fur colored glasses none the wiser and for this I'm grateful. May we all have a version of Crumpet in our lives. xo

"Forever Young" 11x17", framed, SOLD

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