Monday, December 1, 2014


I mean really, who does not want to live in a town with all those lovely hyphens, "Carmel-by-the-Sea"? "Medford-near-the-Mall" just doesn't have the same ring. I don't live in Carmel, but I do have the good fortune of having a very close friend who does and who magically sells lots of my cards and paintings at her store and every once in a while I go bear witness to it happening in action. And honestly? It's really cool and it doesn't get old and I'm so freaking grateful for the whole package it sometimes gives me the feeling of looking down at my life from above with that "really?" feeling, how is this magically happening all on its own? Action. That's how it's happening. And trust, faith, commitment and total belief that good is on its way. Corny? Oh well. But it's my truth and among the zillion things I don't know about starting a business or being an artist or having a brand, I do know that tiny incremental baby steps all the time, every day, really, every single day, add up to something bigger than that scrap of a doodle in your moleskin or lavender paint you need for no reason or that phone call…email….card sent…logo designed….all of it, it all counts, it all has meaning.

I'm passionate about this, the meaning and purpose of baby steps and the bread crumb following of daily intuition because it's all I've got. I can go through the motions and know that I'll probably have some success if I "Make 10 Birthday Cards". Check. "Paint a Dog." Check. "Make a Birthday Card with a Dog." Check check. But if any part of it feels unnatural, strained or contrived, it just doesn't work. I go back to the next right thing. With action. For me, the key is to find that sweet spot of listening to the voices (jokes, bring it) combined with acting on it. And Carmel, the town, the store, and all the big and little events that have lead me thus far, are a testament to putting one foot in front of the other, a lot, even when you don't know what the hell you are doing. Because truthfully, at least my perspective from this corner, is that no one really knows what they are doing. But they are doing their version of it. And we love that. Because it's authentic and real and gives us hope that maybe we can do that too. So I painted "Carmel" for the store, for me, for a reminder that it represents a sum so much greater than these itty bitty parts I focus on every day. And that is magic. xo

"Carmel" 18x24", framed, available at ElizabethW Carmel-by-the-Sea, 831.626.3892

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