Saturday, November 1, 2014

Miss Daisy

It's been my experience when you endeavor on a new path, creative pursuit or start a business there is a gaggle of angel supporters that either cheer you on, teach you, guide you, applaud your work, buy your work in show of appreciation and support or, if the angels have really big wings and own retail stores, do all of the above when they can. This is the case with Albert Nichols and Michael Lindsay, owners of bath & body line & retail boutiques,  ElizabethW .

Today, and honestly, every day, I thank them because they were my first customer for Carpe Diem greeting cards and took my paintings for their Carmel store, saying "just bring anything you have" and "let's try it". So we did. And they sold. Some quickly, some slowly. And now, one year later as their "artist in residence", I am prepping to attend their holiday party and bringing down some new work. Thought it appropriate to start off the new collection with their fur mascot, Miss Daisy Diggins, old English sheep dog extraordinaire, bounciest fluffiest funniest 80lb puppy you'll ever meet.

Thank you Miss D for being a lovely muse. And thank you M&A for everything else. xo

"Miss Daisy" 16x20"

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