Sunday, August 24, 2014

Stop and Smell the Roses

Ok. I will. It's a rare thing, but I took my own advice this weekend and really did stop and smell the roses. Literally. Once at Suzanne's outside her studio and once at Safeway in their ratty floral department that can hardly be called a florist, but I took a whiff and they smelled good. Rosey.

And I did a few other rose smelling slow down activities, road my bike, painted, patted the cat, ate meals out with friends, read a great book and savored the homeyness of being home, being busy, but not so busy you don't appreciate how good, how basic and how nice things are, just for the moment. If I was Goldilocks, I would say, today is just right. xo

"Stop and Smell the Roses", 16x20"

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