Friday, July 25, 2014

Still Life with Pie

I like this painting. Now for those of you who know me or paint or both know those four words do not come so easily. There is almost always a "yeah, but…" And of course there is here too but overall, I feel good about this one because it's the first time I've done my version of a still life. I've done many solo objects, rooms with views, funny animals, etc…but this was purposely a collection of items, my funny items, that spoke to me and somehow wanted to be painted together.

I had just listened to the most recent Elizabeth Gilbert Ted Talk about "going home" to find your voice. She talks about comparing your past successes, failures, other "more successful" artists, writers or what I refer to as the looking behind you and in front of you syndrome. She reminds us to breathe into your own voice. And you'll know it when you're doing it. When you see it. When you pin it. When you read it. When you hear it. For me, it was skimming through some of my old journals/sketchbooks. There were hundreds of pages of semi-calligraphic doodles and hand lettering. Logos for products, woman's faces, coffee cups, banners, sailboats, anchors,  you name it, I have sketched  or doodled it. And how had I forgotten that?

Doesn't matter. I've remembered now. I had so much fun doodling right on the canvas, post painting, not worrying if it looked "good" or appropriate or fit in with the rest of it. It was like the canvas had become one of my old sketchbooks and best of all, it felt like coming home. xo

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