Thursday, July 31, 2014


Magical San Francisco. A follow up "biggie" to my original "San Francisco Love Letter" which S to the OLD, SOLD!!!!! (Thank you, ElizabethW store in Carmel.) Thinking about friends in San Francisco tonight, some are celebrating birthdays, some are recovering from surgery, some are sipping coffee at my old haunt and some are out walking their dog. As magical and mythical as San Francisco and area can be, it's also a cozy place I called home with all the normal things like dry cleaners and banks and used bookstores and coffee shops and cheap Thai food and mani/pedi joints. This piece is my salute to the goodness, the sink into the sofa with old friends feeling, the behind the scenes magic of wherever you live. There is magic everywhere. This one just happens to be a postcard headed towards Russian Hill. xo

"Magical San Francisco" 24x36",  available at ElizabethW, Carmel, CA 1.831.626.3892

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