Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

It is Canada Day. (For those Americans reading this, saying, huh, there's a Canada Day? Yup, there is. And it's just like Independence Day, except July 1st. Go figure. But we're only 147 today. Just a kid.)

I've posted this monogram painting before, the letter C for Canada, but it bears repeating because I really really unabashedly love the country where I was born and raised. It has been many years, gulp, almost 20, that I have lived in Canada, but it's still home. My parents, my family, my roots are there. My ocean. My beach. My crumpets and scones and polite people and those polite people saying soooory,  instead of sari, when you bump into them. It's a good place to be from. Honestly, I don't know why I don't live there now other than I really love where I live now. Canada, specifically Vancouver Island, always calls. And today it feels warm and fuzzy and happy to scroll through the Facebook feed of all my red and white clad friends and family doing silly things on boats and backyards and bbqs. Just like we, here, will do in a few days.

So Happy Canada Day. I honor where I'm from, love where I am. And revere all things Hudson Bay blanket. Out. (Oot.) xo

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