Monday, June 30, 2014

This Happened

I had a lovely interview with a Rogue Valley reporter-fellow artist last week. She was kind, asked thoughtful questions. We drank tea in my home while it poured rain outside. She was profiling artists who were turning their art into a business. Our conversation was so, conversational, I didn't even feel like it was an interview. She did not specify where the story, if it was even picked up, would land. Probably the online version of Daily Tidings? Maybe the Tribune? Sooooooooo, imagine my SHOCK and total surprise happiness teary face, when I walked up to this on the newsstand. Front page, baby.

So, I had to do this. Put my 3 quarters in the machine, get my copy and act normal while I read my piece over coffee. What my jumping up and down voice really wants to say is this. This is a small local newspaper, not the NY Times or Oprah or some cool kids club, but as an artist, small (and by small I mean teensy weensy) business owner, this kind of community recognition is so heart warming and loving, my heart could burst wide open. So thank you, Ashland, the Daily Tidings and Vickie Aldous who wrote the piece, and all artists who are muddling, achieving, slipping on banana peels and getting back up.

Here's the article. xo

P.S. And as an extra universal joke on me, the day this was published, was the day my blog "magically" reverted to white text on white background leaving all my posts blank!!!! (Technical issue now resolved but seriously? That day?) :-)

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