Thursday, June 19, 2014

Monogram Paintings: H is for Harmony

Harmony. I am especially grateful to this painting if one can be grateful to a painting. Reason being, my friend Patty commissioned me to do this for her at a time I was a) scared shitless I was doing this "for a living" b) totally broke and c) really really needed the structure and project to work on to keep me on track for one more week. Going solo is like that. Sometimes it literally is day by day week by week. And this painting came at precisely "that week". And Patty, being that kind of friend, knew that and although she's never said, I'm guessing swooped with this request when she saw my boat was leaking.

It taught me a few things. I like commissions when instructions or ideas are clear. "I hate pink" works for me. "Two cats, two vases, the word harmony in any way you want to fit it into a room" is clear. It also taught me, reminded me?, about my old friend we artists love to talk about, Procrastination. I have in no way shape or form, mastered the art of overcoming it, however, I saw it, acknowledged it, and showed up anyway. This was probably my first real time example of showing up to create just by showing up. No angelic wings fluttering by my side or a bolt of lightning in my living room or that divinely inspired feeling you get in the shower or walking in the park or a road trip where you swear you've just written the great american novel in your head. Nope. Nothing like that. The calendar days were floating off the wall like an old movie prop and I knew, as a friend and as a client, I did not want to keep this project on simmer any longer. So I showed up. Just sat there. Literally. Then did a few bare bones sketches on the canvas and waited a little longer. I picked a color for the wall, painted it in and....something happened. A color informed an object and so on. And hours later, well into the night, I was still there, committed to finishing it and not only loving the process but loving that I had side-stepped Resistance. I realized that night, not for the first time, fairly sure this will be a lifelong lesson, that this is how shit gets done. One tiny thing done frequently. One paragraph at a time. One portion of a painting. One arm knit on a sweater. One mile in a marathon.

So thank you Patty and thank you "Harmony". Grateful for the sale, the friendship, the creative project & study in harmony when I show up. xo

"Harmony" 18x24"

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