Monday, June 16, 2014

I Spy Pie

I love pie. The flavor, the old-fashioned, down home fruit and crust deliciousness. I love that my Nana Kay made the best pie I've ever tasted and still to this day compare every slice to hers. I love that it makes me feel happy nostalgic and grateful that I have pie memories. When I was very young, my nana give me the dough scraps and let me me make miniature pies in metal cups, otherwise known as tarts but we'll go with miniature pie for story sake. I put that dough in my teensy scalloped edge tin, put a blob of strawberry jam or lemon curd in the middle and she popped it in the oven with her big pie and we let them bake together. She pulled them out and it was seriously a miracle to see that I had made a pie!!! I was allowed to eat my creation, sharing it with her, over a cup of tea so dark and strong that even with scoops of sugar and evaporated milk, it still looked like coffee. The more I paint or write or do anything creative, I am realizing it often comes from a deep and loving place of nostalgia. The times you don't even know are so perfect while they are happening but are roots deep inside you, informing your journey. Today, being the big kid I am, I spy pie. xo

"Cherry Pie" 8x10"
 (a series of pie paintings available at Capers, 4525 SW California Street, Seattle, WA. 206.932.0371)

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