Friday, June 20, 2014

Monogram Paintings: I is for Inspire

SOLD! I tried writing something about inspiration or the process but back to my favorite Natalie Goldberg writing advice "What I really want to say is...."... I chose the word: SOLD! Because that's the truth Ruth. This is the first piece that sold in Seattle at my show at Capers and it made me very happy, very proud and gave me that glimmer that the yellow brick road is showing itself one little paving stone at a time. Corny? Maybe. But when you hurtle yourself in a car 800 miles north with 40 paintings and a whole lot of not knowing, it's a risk and a leap of faith. What if it fails? It still might. What if nothing else sells? It's possible. But what if "failing" is not an option and whatever comes of this show is a measure of success? I'll take door #2 thank you. I guess what I really really want to say is this. Selling a piece of artwork at a show, to a stranger, in a town I don't live in, to a non-family member supporter encourager, because that person just wants it in their home, feels great. Today I am inspired. xo

"Inspire", 24x36"

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