Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Good morning

I've been awake since 4:30, up since 5:00 and gave in to putting the coffee on at 5:30. No more closing my eyes will make it night. The cat is awake, therefore I am awake. This little croissant cappuccino vintage book cafe mise en scene is not what I woke up to, I am not in Paris or Prague or somewhere magnifique that inspired me to whip out my Molesine cafe-side and paint my meal. That was last year. No, I am not in the watching the world go by artistic research phase.  I would call this phase more of a did I pack hammer and nails for upcoming road trip/art show, did I get the paint off my fingernails and brush my hair before I do "seen in public" errands like visit the nice lady at the bank and pick up groceries. Not that I live in a lipstick necessary kind of town, but this temporary phase I'm in, has been a shift, a funny/fanatical one fueled by one word: work. I am painting non-stop. Painting and framing and emailing and packing orders and painting again and running out to get them framed and painting and buying supplies.

The reason for this, other than the usual one employee operation of owning a small greeting card company, is that I am hanging about 40 paintings in a store in Seattle this weekend. They will be up for a month...maybe two...and the obligation and commitment of being a featured artist with a "show", maybe not in the traditional gallery sense, but a collection, up at the same time, for sale, is a biggie! A biggie in so many ways I had not predicted. The most obvious one, it takes preparation. It's one thing to fiddle around with something at home, put it down and know you can go back to it days, weeks, let's be honest, months later. This artistic commitment has a full circle feeling. As in, I need to show up fully, completely for all components, some of them ones I'm uncomfortable with (pricing, spreadsheets, photography, postcards, invoicing....). The clock is ticking and frankly, this deadline is the best thing that has ever happened to my art and my participation in the artistic process. In a nutshell, shit's getting real!

I will reward myself with the coffee croissant cafe world watching journal musing soon. But not yet. I leave early tomorrow for my drive to Seattle. I'll be hanging art on Friday, and maybe my Saturday, sitting at Pike Place Market thinking about the very very good parts of the full circle. xo

"Le matin", 8x10", framed, $160 (and why yes, it is available at Capers in Seattle!)

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