Saturday, April 12, 2014


I'm experimenting with gouache, painting in a Moleskine sketchbook and Willie Nelson lyrics. The latter not entirely true but if you ever want a laugh, google Willie Nelson quotes. While painting cowboy boots, he and Lyle Lovett were the two living country boys that came to mind, and between the two of them, they have said something about someone somewhere, all while looking nonchalantly Texan cool in those big ol' boots, bandana and braids. 

I need to swap out my creative medium once in a while--gouache for acrylics, charcoal for ink, Natalie Goldberg for David Sedaris, War and Peace for Eat, Pray, Love. I know when it's time. I start doodling, ignoring big pieces that have the background laid out, ripping out inspirational images in magazines, did I mention ignoring what's on my art table? If I'm lucky, and I was lucky with gouache, I love love love a new medium or technique and rush in, willy nilly, just getting messy, not caring what it looks like because the act of playing and using the new medium is satisfaction enough. If you haven't used gouache, I highly recommend it. This recommendation is based on nothing other than the scientific mind of Mindy Carpenter that goes something like this: omg, the colors, the colors!!! Look at the dreamy pastel color palette!!! The clerk at the art store called my palette he was ringing up "deco". "Oh, I see you're drawn to the deco palette". To which I replied, "I was thinking more Italian gelato." 

All of this just reminds me that creating should be fun. Am I some expert with this new paint? Hell no. But is it creamy and delightful and looks super cool in my new Moleskine and makes me want to paint quirky things like cowboy boots, converse sneakers and peony bouquets in my crazy new deco palette that's full of peach, pink, aqua and mint? Hell yes! That's good enough for me. The new medium, even just to play, is where it's at. So thank you gouache. And cowboy boots. And Willie Nelson for making me chuckle as I read some fabulously absurd deep thoughts. Me and my boots are having fun. xo

"Cowboy Boots", 6x9" Moleskine sketchbook

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