Thursday, March 27, 2014


I love airports. I hesitated after I wrote that because I thought, how funny, I am never relaxed enough in them to realize that I do love these midway travel points. I'm thinking about this today because I'm in one now on a longer than long layover that was necessitated by a mileage ticket with only one days notice. I'm sitting in SeaTac, sipping strong coffee, watching the planes and tarmac from a window seat in the atrium. There is an acoustical band with a cello, violin and sweet singer playing behind me. Elvis. Fools Rush In. I'm not traveling for a happy reason, going home to Victoria on short notice to be with family while my nana has taken a severe turn for the worse.

I have hours to wait. I have books to read, blogs to post, people watching to examine.  I am as plugged in as I would be at home, iPhone, iPad, Macbook within reach but there is something about airports for me that let me press pause on life and just be. Airports are a creative breathing space for me. Countless magazines to digest, guilt free reading and a place where my mind drifts. Places I want to travel to, ideas for art and paintings that don't have a name yet and chapter titles percolate. I am worried to be sure. I am thinking about my family, the reason for my visit. I am also watching the planes take off and land and staying as present as possible. xo

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