Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Monogram Paintings: The Letter E

Something I have grown to love about painting is that often what you think you're going to produce, create, hope for is not at all what shows up on the canvas. The palette might resemble what you wanted or the focal point is still there or...or not at all. This was the case with "E".

I enthusiastically embarked on this series A-Z with some "XO' to boot, and somehow stopped, skidded to a halt at letter D then had a renewed purpose when I received a commission for the letter H (is for Harmony). I had presumed that I would paint them in order but tick tock the time kept passing and i realized if I wanted to complete E, F and G before I delivered Patty's H, she would be receiving it next year! So I did what is uncomfortable but I'm leaning into the change. I audited and adjusted "the plan", went ahead and painted hers and rather than give up the project, I'm rededicated to it. This is something I learned with the 100 Paintings. The keep-going-ness of creativity & how it really doesn't matter how you get there & plans are clearly made to be adjusted. So what if I didn't do them in order...but I'm doing them. And that is revolutionary. To commit to a project, see it through, embrace changes & let go of the results. Sounds like life. xo

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