Friday, June 28, 2013

Painting a Day Project: #98

I was recently included in the Uppercase magazine annual publication of Work/Life3 for 100 featured up & coming illustrators & artists. (Thrilling! Exciting! OMG-worthy!) The assignment, along with sending files, interview, Q & A, was an original painting or illustration assignment specific to their theme they chose for us. In perfect synchronicity, mine was called "The Illustrated Life"...which is what I nickname or describe my new card line, Carpe Diem Papers. Having said that....I am not able to post the illustration until the issue hits the stands in September but it's given me a surge of ideas & inspiration that are similar to what I created. And this, "XO" in marquee lights, is a tribute to that.

It is an illustrated life, pieces of me, pieces of home, artistic spaces, & the quirky coziness that many artists create around themselves. Our nooks, our walls, and yes, our gold poufs, are our sanctuary. This, and a series to follow, is my tribute to still life on a wall & all the love it requires to show up, do your art, your business,  & your beautiful illustrated life. xoxo

"XO", 18x24", acrylic.

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