Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Painting a Day Project: #95

Playing & painting with stripes today. And quotes. And boats. (But of course, said the horse.) This is one of my long-time favourite sayings, it says it all, the dreams, the wishes, the hopes &...hopefully the delivery of the former. Things, and by "things" I mean career path,  have changed for me in the last couple of months & many of these beloved quotes have gone from wall-hangings & inspirational Pinterest posts to real life, Holy Crap Batgirl, it's all happening, fasten your seatbelt & let the good pour in. I've always been an optimistic person but more than ever lately, I've had to have faith, trust & a . knowing that this quote can & does come true. From Stella Terrill Mann's lips to God's ears!

Love always. xo

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