Thursday, June 16, 2011

Painting a Day Project: #2

Day 2 of my informal painting exercise. This little beast is in memory of Kelly's sweet Clementine. And please, anyone who wants to be part of this unruly (and by unruly, I mean NO RULES) project of painting a day...please join in and Kathleen and I will link you. I was reading Lynn Whipple's comments on 100 Bad Paintings and something just clicked for me. Here's an excerpt:

…you are going to make 100 bad paintings, so you had better get started! You can insert anything you are working on, as in 100 bad songs, so you better start singing, or 100 bad drawings, 100 bad cupcakes, 100 bad boyfriends..humm….What really happens is, it frees you up to play and not worry. now you can enjoy the process. the truth is you get better really quick, maybe even by #19. try it!-Lynne Whipple

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