Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back to basics

A day well spent in my little art studio that could. It began with boxes stacked, still unpacked from August, looking at me, like, I know you want to With what furniture and no storage and but, but...the excuses....So, I did what every good citizen does on Thanksgiving Weekend and shopped. I went to thrift shops around Marin and with a grace, syncronocity and really, really nice guys at the Goodwill who were willing to jigsaw puzzle pieces of furniture that shouldn't fit into my car, I came home with a room full of bargain (and have I mentioned adorable yet functional?) furniture that has transformed cardboard into creation. My little room is starting to sparkle and feel like the sanctuary I had wanted it to be.


  1. This is lovely- thanks Mindy- BTW- i think we did a collabrative together about a year ago- Marie Antoinette-- see your book... Mine is the 1st image with the birds.

  2. I love the reds and aqua-ish blues in this piece! I found you through Somerset Living and was so happy to see that you were local. It always nice to find a like-minded creative person that is the same locale. :o)

    I loved your article and plan to do a mood board soon.