Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brought to you by the letter I: Ikea, Inspiration and Ideas

Today was filled with the sweet "normalcies" of life, work, coffee, co-worker communing, but still, there is that little private piece, that moment when you get home and look in your mail box and....MOO CARDS ARRIVE!!! Yes, it's probably so two years ago...but I'm here now and the Artfest emails are ping ponging back & forth faster than an Olympic show-down and I am thrilled that my little piece of creativity, printed in the UK, found it's way to my funny box at 55 Sunshine Avenue in time for my Port Townsend getaway. Thank you US Post. Thank you Moo cards. And yes, today I went to Ikea, was Inspired, and had many Ideas for future art projects with the best girlfriends ever.

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